Find out how we install a shutter in a typical recessed window using our special fixing system and shadow gap.

If we are fitting in multiple rooms, we would normally choose the largest room to put a big dust sheet down allowing us enough room to unpack and build the shutter frames for each window.

As we build them we put the frames into the windows ready for fitting.

We use our patent-pending D1 fitting system, this is a unique adjustable fitting system suspending the shutter frame within your recess using adjustable D1 fixings.

We don’t usually need to drill any holes, use plasterboard fixings, raw plugs, use packers or filler. The adjustable fixings make fitting shutters quick, easy and neat.

A clearance gap is left between the shutter frame and your recess, a special shadow tape is used to hide the fixings seamlessly filling the gap between your wall and shutter frame creating a shadow, this shadow gap allows for the wall or plaster to be out of level and highlights the squareness and neatness of the shutters and clearly defines the shutter frame in the opening.

This is the easiest and neatest way to install shutters within a recess. There is no mess and the shutters can easily be removed if you need to replace a window or to decorate in the future.

We get great feedback from our customers about fitting this way, once it’s explained or they see it, it all makes sense, especially those who have experienced how blind companies have just used messy filler.

So if you want to see this for yourself visit our showroom and take a look.