What you need to do to get ready for your shutters to be fitted.

We are going to be in and out of various rooms in your home, so the main thing to be aware of is the space needed to unpack the shutters and build the shutter frames.


If it’s a nice day this can be done outside, if not it’s normally done in a room with the most space. Remember the shutter frames are the same size as your windows, so we need a space on the floor that’s bigger than your window so we can assemble the frame.

Where possible all the frames would get built in one room, and then lifted into each relevant window once built.

Clear sills

The other helpful task would be to ensure the window sills are cleared and any furniture is moved to the side so we can access the windows.

We can move furniture around ourselves, so please don’t struggle with larger items.

Existing curtains or blinds

And finally, if you discussed removing any curtains or blinds, filling holes or decorating ready for your shutters, just make sure this is done prior to your fitting date.


We normally advise how long your fitting will take when confirming a date, but as a guide, we allow an hour per window, about 2-3 hours for bay or door.

Shapes and track-mounted shutters will take longer depending on the size and shape.