Shutters are priced per square meter (sqm), so the number of shutters or louvre size will not affect the cost, once you’ve entered your sizes you will see a price before discount at the top of the screen, this will update with the choices you make.

Remember your sizes should be in millimetres, for example:

  • 60cm = 600mm, 120cm = 1200mm


We consider a ‘normal window’ to be a standard square or rectangle window.

This type of window is very easy to measure as you just need to measure the width and the height from inside of the recess.

Sash Windows

If your sash window is in a recess, just follow the guide for a standard recess window.  If you have an architrave around the window, then take your measurements inside the architrave.

Bay Windows

For a bay window, we just need the overall width and height of your window as if it was one.

So, to do this you could run your tape measure along the bay from one side to the other, bending the tape measure into the angles, or if it’s easier for you, you could measure each window section individually, and then add the measurements up to produce one width measurement.

Measure the height from the window sill to the top of the window frame or recess.

Remember that these measurements are just a rough guide at the moment and we will re-measure your windows accurately during your home survey.

Small Doors

For small doors, you can follow the same process as with the normal window, so just a width and height in millimetres is fine.

If you have French doors with side windows down to the floor, just measure the overall width and height.

If you have windows that stop short, measure them separately and enter them as Windows, then measure the door width between the recess and enter them as Doors.

Wide Doors (Track)

If you have a wide sliding or bi-folding patio door over 2.5 meters wide, you will need a top track to support the shutters, so just measure the main width and height of the opening, like a standard recessed window.


If you have a shaped window, we just need the widest width and highest height and we can provide a rough estimate.

Remember, if there are more than two shutters within your shape, there will be a cost per shaped shutter in addition to this estimate.

If in any doubt as to where to measure, take your measurements from the widest and tallest parts of your window.