If you’ve watched our video on pricing, you will know that all our costs are included in the Square Meter (sqm) price. So, firstly we have to set a minimum order value of £1000 to ensure all of the costs are covered when ordering small or single windows.


So the first suggestion is to try and reduce the sqm cost, the only way to do this is by adding more windows, this will help us offer you more discount.


Generally, discount levels will increase when your order value hits above £2200, so if you’re getting an estimate online, check to see if you’re near this threshold, or add another window to see the difference it can make.

Discount can vary each month and will be based on your location, the time of year, the quantity ordered and the type of shutter chosen.


Depending on your windows style or size, you might be able to downgrade in the material choice and go for a different shutter type. We wouldn’t recommend this for bay windows or doors, but if you have fairly small windows, then this could be an option for you.

Mix & Match

It’s also possible to mix and match and order the Elite hardwood shutters downstairs or on a bay window or door and use a lower cost option for upstairs or smaller windows.

Check you’ve not added too many options, low profile handles or cut-outs costs can add up, so check with us if there are any lower-cost alternatives.

Shutters are an investment, they will add value to your home, and if you’re staying there more than a few years, it’s going to be nice to use a good shutter if you can.


However, if the cost is totally out of budget, then check out the DIY options we can offer from our online business opennshut. We can supply the whole range of scraft shutters online for you to measure and fit yourself.

You will need to watch our ‘How To’ videos, but if you’re at all handy at DIY, then it’s definitely the cheapest way to install shutters in your home.