To calculate the sqm of your windows, you will need to measure the width and height in metres, then multiply the two sizes together.

For a window width of 1.244m x 1.143m, multiply the two sizes together and you will get 1.42sqm.

To calculate the cost of the wooden Elite shutters, multiply the sqm size by £450, the cost would be £639 inc vat.

On its own, the cost of this window is under our minimum order value, so it would actually cost £750 if you just ordered one window. But if it was included with other windows, there could be some discount included.

Remember, when you enter any sizes into our estimate form for a price, they will need to be in millimetres.

Size conversions for a window 1.244m x 1.143m

  • Inches: 49” x 45” (divide x 39.37 to convert to meters)
  • Centimeters: 124.4cm x 114.3cm (divide x 100 to convert to meters)
  • Millimeters: 1244mm x 1143mm (divide x 1000 to convert to meters)