Find out how the louvres blades are adjusted and the best positions for maximum light and privacy.

Moving the louvres is normally done by hand, use a louvre within the centre of the shutter and simply tilt it up or down.

Fully up is your closed position for night time, and fully down, provides maximum privacy.

If you have split tilt or a rail, you can tilt the louvres independently.

For windows downstairs tilt the louvres upwards for privacy, and for windows upstairs, tilt the louvres downwards for privacy, then anyone trying to look into your bedroom will only see the backside of your louvre blade, whilst you can still see out and get light coming into your room.

For maximum light, tilt the louvres just slightly downwards, this will reflect all the light into your room.

If you have the power-motion option, you can tilt your louvres remotely with either preset positions or by turning the outer dial.

Older shutter designs can have a central control rod, these are tilted by moving the rod up or down.