Now most customers still assume you need to open and fold shutters back like you would a curtain, but that is not the case with the new modern designs.

Top Tip!

So one of the most useful bits of advice I can give you about shutters, is that nowadays, most customers keep their shutters closed and only tilt the louvres to let the light in and out.

As you don’t open the shutters, you don’t need bi-folding panels, as the panels are not bi-folding, bigger louvres look better, with bigger louvres you get more light in and a better view out, and because you get more light and view through the shutters you don’t need to open them.

Because you don’t open your shutters, they become part of your window. If they are part of your window they should be white to match and fitted close to your window so they blend with it, not fitted at the front of your window where you’ll lose the recess depth.

Top Colour!

So currently, pure white shutters with medium or large louvres are the ones to choose, they’ll reflect a lot of light, especially when fitted close to the window, which in turn, creates more depth, light and space in your room.

Top design!

This is why it’s more popular to go for simple full height shutters with hidden control rods that can be split into sections, rather than a busy tier on tier or half height cafe style or bi-folding shutters with small louvres.

With medium to large louvre blades, you will get more than enough light into your room, a clear view through the louvres and the privacy you require. The shutters will match your windows, and look stunning all of the time.

Because the shutters remain closed, the key to getting the best looking shutters is simply to match the shutters to your window layout.