The key thing to remember here is that your windows are your main light source, and anything you put in front of them will affect the light in your room.

Anything other than Pure White will affect this light and the reflection you get from off the louvres.

As the shutters are fitted close to your windows, they should match in colour, and most windows are white. Even if you have different coloured windows, we still recommend a white shutter.

You will get a light reflecting off the louvres in places you never did before, this reflection is what will make your room feel brighter.

A white shutter allows you to decorate the room any colour you like, the shutters will still match and you can change the decor in years to come.

White shutters will normally match the ceiling colour, window sill, skirting board and radiators.
Different rooms will be decorated in different colours, so a white shutter will look great in all of the rooms.

White looks bright and fresh from outside, brightening up the house because everyone keeps their shutters closed, it’s important they look the same unlike when you have curtains and pull them back so they are not seen.

White shutters will add more value to your home because it appeals to so many more people.

Remember the pictures you see in magazines of coloured shutters are not always real, they are lit with lighting and are not always practical. Take grey, for example, a very popular colour for decor, but with grey walls, grey sofas or flooring and if you have grey shutters too in front the windows, it’s going to zap the light and not match the decor of other rooms, and it doesn’t allow you change the colour in 5 years time.

So these are a handful of key reasons we suggest a pure white shutter, but if that really isn’t your cuppa tea, there are 20 different colours you can choose from and a custom colour option.