Opening a shutter is easy, and it’s done in the same way, whether you have a window, door or shape.

The shutters are held closed by magnets, so open one of the louvres so you can get your fingers in and take hold of the side stile and gently pull, it’s best not to pull on the louvre itself.

If you’re folding the shutters right back for cleaning, remember to close the louvres so they don’t hit the side of the recess or wall.

If you have two or more shutters hinged together which is called a bifold, as you open the shutters, close the louvres so they don’t hit each other while folding the two panels together to the side.

If you have auto-close which is only available with bi-folding shutters, just tug on the ring pull so the bi-fold opens towards you, the louvres will automatically close allowing you to move the shutters to the side without worrying about the louvres hitting each other or the wall.

Shutters will open 180 degrees so if they are fitted within a recess, they will open until the shutter hits the wall. If you have a sash window with architrave, your shutter would hinge right back and sit flat against the wall.

Most shutters within bay windows are hinged individually, so they won’t all fold back to one side like curtains. Each shutter is simply opened for cleaning or to open a window, then it’s closed within the frame again.