Standard Plus, known as Cuba in the scraft range, is a combination of an MDF outer frame with wooden panels. So the outer 4 sided frame is MDF, and the actual shutter and louvres are all wood. So apart from the frame, this does offer a stronger lighter panel option.

The MDF frame is plastic coated and the wooden shutters are sprayed. This weighs in at 7.8kg per sqm

Standard Plus has an even larger maximum panel width of 890mm, if they are hinged together, this reduces to 660mm. The panel height before a rail is required is 1981mm. There are 23 colours in the range.

Because of the wooden shutters, this is a good compromise, but there is not that much price difference between this and a full wooden shutter, and as the shutters are still hanging from the MDF frames, I would still recommend going for the full wood option.