Standard ABS, known as Java in the scraft range, it’s a water-resistant shutter designed for bathrooms. This has a dense foam core with an ABS lightweight plastic coating. It’s easy to clean and maintain, so an ideal choice for bathrooms or wet rooms.

Rather than magnets, ABS shutters have plastic ball catches so they don’t rust and they come with stainless steel hinges.

ABS is a heavy material and weighs in at 14.5kg per sqm

Depending on the louvre size, there is a maximum panel width of 800 or 890mm, if they are hinged together, the bi-fold width reduces to 610mm.

The panel height before a rail is required is the lowest of all the shutter types at 1828mm.

There are 22 colours in this range, but as most bathrooms have white sinks toilets and baths, a white shutter is the answer and will match these features, keeping the bathroom looking bright and fresh.

If you have a window above a bath, next to a shower or the window is in the main bathroom which gets steamy every day, then using the ABS shutter is a must.

Most of our customers will choose this along with wooden shutters in the rest of the windows, the main visual difference is that ABS shutters have wider 50mm side stiles, and they will feel different to open due to the ball catch rather than magnets.