If you’re putting shutters on a window, the number of shutters, how they fold or louvre size will not affect the cost, it’s just based on the width and height of your window.

Shutters are fitted within a 4 sided frame like this.

We use a unique adjustable fitting system suspending the shutter frame within your recess using adjustable D1 fixings. We don’t need to drill any holes, use plasterboard fixings, raw plugs, packers or filler.

A clearance gap is left between the shutter frame and recess, a special shadow tape is used to hide the fixings seamlessly filling the gap between your wall and shutter frame creating a shadow.

This shadow gap allows for the wall or plaster to be out of level and highlights the squareness and neatness of the shutters and clearly defines the shutter frame in the opening. This is the quickest, easiest and neatest way to install shutters within a recess and will make your shutters look amazing.

The shutter frame is fitted close to your window and the number of shutters should match the number of sections in your window.

Shutters are hinged at the sides and can be opened to gain full access to the window, the louvres can be tilted to let light in and out.

Shutters will cover the full height of the window, they can be divided by a middle rail or with a split in louvre mechanism. Both these options will allow the top and bottom sections of the louvres to be opened independently providing extra privacy.