We like to be clear and honest with our how we price. We include all our main costs within one ‘square meter’ (sqm) price, this makes it very easy to provide you with an estimate for any size window.


Here are the prices we charge before any discount, for the different types of shutters we provide, including vat, measuring and fitting. They also include our unique D1 fixing system and hidden control rods (Elite Wood & Standard Wood only) as standard.

  • Elite Wood – £515 per sqm
  • Standard Wood – £415 per sqm  < Our recommended option
  • Faux Wood – £465 per sqm


Breaking this down further, these sqm prices cover the following:

  • Shutter cost and hidden control rods
  • Office time, showroom visits and advice
  • Measuring
  • Order processing and ordering
  • Installation and fixings
  • Travel time
  • Marketing
  • After-sales
  • Profit


The more windows you order, the more discount we can offer. Discount can vary each month and will be based on your location, the time of year, the quantity ordered and the type of shutter chosen.


There are some items that will increase the cost depending on your window type. The following items are built into our estimate form online, so if you choose a bay window, for example, the sqm will increase by £15 to cover the bay post cost.

  • Custom bay posts: £15 sqm surcharge 
  • Doors: £120 surcharge
  • Shapes: £550 per shape
  • Blackout: Around £260 per sqm (worked out based on size of blind required)
  • Autoclose: £30 per mechanism 
  • Power motion: £200 per louvred section
  • Power motion remote: £99

There are some costs not built into our estimate form, that could get added to your quote when we measure as follows:

  • Additional shaped panels: £170 per panel
  • Low profile handles: £10 each
  • Frame Cutouts: £18 per cut out
  • Temporary blinds: £20 per box
  • Hidden hinges: £46 per hinge
  • Custom colour: £180 per colour
  • Specialist items required for installation, such as battens, ladders/towers, fixings, etc.

So, although now you could probably work out the costs yourself, it’s very easy just to pop a width and height measurements into our estimate form to get an instant estimate for each window you would like to shutters fitted too.

You’ll be able to choose your window type, shutter type and any upgrades you would fancy.