Shaped windows have a surcharge that allows for 2 shaped shutters within that shape. On all the other window designs and doors, the number of shutters will not affect the cost but with a shape it does.

If there are more than 2 shutters, there is an extra cost per shaped shutter in addition to this estimate.

We fit shutters into shaped openings the same way as we would a window using our D1 fixing system, so if you want to know how, quickly watch the video on Windows.

They can be curved, rounded or angled to suit most window shapes and the louvre blades can still be tilted.

If the shutter design has a straight edge you can still have the hidden control rods, but most round shutters would need control rods or be manually adjusted.

Angled shutters are limited to opening towards the highest side of the window and curved or rounded shutters can be hinged downwards or mounted with magnets rather than hinges.

Shapes can be divided using both horizontal and vertical Tposts, allowing the shutter sections to match the window sections. This is key with a shape as most shaped shutters would almost certainly be left closed most of the time.

They can have middle rails or have a split in louvre mechanism. Both these options will allow the top and bottom sections of the louvres to be opened independently providing extra privacy.

Shutters on shaped windows look great, they really enhance the look of the window as you don’t lose the feature of the shape, the shutters just complement the design and provide privacy and light at the same time.