Shutters fitted across wide openings such as bi-folding doors will need a top track, this will add a surcharge to the cost.

Any door or opening over about 2.5m wide would need a track system, this means the shutters hang from a track by small wheels that glide along an aluminium track. There is also a bottom guide running along the floor. A track supports the weight and allows the shutters to cover a wide opening.

You still need to match the number of shutters to the doors, so if you had 3 large sliding doors, you would need 2 shutters per door, so 6 in total, if you had 4 doors, you would need 8 shutters.

You need an equal amount of shutters on a track to allow them to fold back, the final number of shutters will not affect the cost. Go for large louvres, they definitely look best on larger doors.

Tracked shutters can open from the centre and fold equally back to the left and right, or you can choose to fold all the shutters back to one side or the other depending on which side your door opens from.

There is a nice upgrade option available allowing all the louvres to close automatically as you start to slide them open called Auto Close.

If your door height is over 2m will need a horizontal rail in the shutter for strength. If you don’t have a rail on your doors, you can choose not to have a rail in the shutters, but this will void the guarantee. This does look better as you don’t really want a rail in the shutter if there are no rails in the door and you see examples of this in our Gallery photos.

If you don’t have a rail, you would need to split the hidden tilt mechanism as doors are too high for the louvres to all be tilted in one go. This option does allow you to open the louvres independently either side of the split providing more privacy.