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Option 1: Showroom Visit

Open: Tues – Sat, 10am-4pm (booking advisable)

A showroom visit is a great place to start!

We only bring a few samples with us on a home survey but our showroom has everything. Come and meet our friendly family team in West Stoke and experience first-hand how the different style shutters look, feel and operate.

Top tip! It’s always helpful to bring some photos and rough sizes along with you, so we can give you specific advice for your windows.

Option 2: Home Survey

Available slots: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

Surveyors Dale and Colin

Dale & Colin are our expert surveyors.
Choose the area you live in, then the best date/time that suits you.

A home survey is required if you want to order, we take detailed measurements using a combination of lasers, tapes, and levels. This can take several hours depending on the number of windows.

If you’d like an estimate before visit, you can enter rough window sizes into our online estimate form.