What happens once you have placed your order?

Once you’ve paid, you become one of our customers, so we mark you as having paid in our system, and this starts your journey with us so we can keep an eye on what stage of the ordering process you are and make sure you are fully in the loop and updated with progress along the way.

The written quote we left at the survey will get converted into an email confirmation, this confirms your design and receipt of payment. We then start our 4 step ordering process.

Step 1

From your survey details, we enter the material, design, louvre size, frame type and colour along with the main width and height sizes of each individual window into the s:craft ordering portal called Gateway. This ordering portal provides us with direct access to ordering with the Nein Made factory in China.

Step 2

We then revisit the survey form and double-check all the sizes taken and the relevant deductions and order details. This ensures we have fresh eyes on everything, making it easier to spot any errors.

Step 3

We then double-check the details from our survey sheet, matches the details we entered into Gateway.

Step 4

Most orders need drawings to be included, these drawings confirm details of our D1 fixing system, any cut-outs or build-outs to frames or battens, so these get uploaded with the sizes.

Once it’s all checked, your order then gets submitted to s:craft, they check the drawings and any notes we’ve added about your order before it gets sent to the factory.

Fitting date

Once ordered, we work out an estimated fitting date and pop this in our calendar and confirm this to you by email.

We try to allow plenty of time from order to your estimated fitting date to allow for any possible delays. Such as checking order details, factory lead times and shipping.

CAD drawings & rail charts

Within a week, we receive CAD drawings back from the factory to confirm. These will show details of our fixings holes, any cut-outs and drawings of any bay windows.

We also get the top and bottom rail sizes to check. If everything looks good we simply confirm everything and your shutter order is moved to the manufacturing stage.

We have a direct line of communication with the factory online, so if rail sizes or drawings need to be tweaked we can do so.

Making these amendments can be quick, but with some orders, it can take a few weeks with communication going back and forth until every small detail has been confirmed.


Once everything has been confirmed, your order will move straight into production and all the details get sent straight to the factory floor so that all the parts to your order can get cut to size. At this point, the order can’t be amended, without incurring extra cost. Your order then progresses to being assembled, spray painted and checked.

During the manufacturing process, a custom cardboard box is pressed to shape ready to receive and pack each shutter and frame once they are made.


Your shutters are then loaded onto a container ready for shipping into Southampton docks.

A few weeks before your shutters are due to arrive we receive an estimated date and the container number your shutters are on. At this point, we can contact you about your fitting date.

Once the container with your shutters has arrived and it’s been through customs, it’s taken straight to s:crafts warehouse in Andover. All of the shutters then get unloaded and sorted into ‘company’ sections. S:craft then plan their delivery routes and email delivery dates to us.


We would then get in touch to amend or confirm your final fitting date.

Our shutters get delivered directly by scraft to minimise delivery damage, we then sort our delivery into individual customer jobs, count the boxes in and sign for them.

We are then ready to install them for you.