How long will it take for your shutters to be made, delivered and fitted?

As the shutters are manufactured in China, they are sent in a container by sea freight, they only take a few weeks to be made, so the main wait is the delivery time to the UK.

So on average, we’d receive your shutters in 8-10 weeks.

We normally allow 10-12 weeks from order to installation, the lead time will depend on the time of year and the complexity of your order.

The longest time you will need to wait for shutters is during January, February, and March where lead times can increase to about 16 weeks due to the Chinese New Year. This can be extend throughout the year if demand has been high.

If we found any damage to a shutter or frame that would need replacing, standard lead times would apply and take 8-10 weeks.

Luckily this doesn’t happen very often, but obviously, things can happen, it doesn’t normally stop us installing the shutters as I am talking about the odd chip or dent or perhaps a stiff hidden tilt mechanism, but we would rather be upfront about things and most of the time, our shutters arrive all in good working order.