We recommend Wooden Shutters to our customers every time! Wood is the best quality, has no limitations on window type or design, fully concealed control rods and the best value for money.

We have two great hardwood ranges to choose from; Elite Wood and Standard Wood.

Our most popular range to date is the Elite Wood which is the top of the line and can be used for all window and doors (no matter the shape or size).

The Standard Wood is a newer range which is visually every similar to the Elite but has some design limitations and a lightly longer lead time.

We very rarely supply MDF shutters because they are a very heavy and don’t have the natural grain strength that wooden shutters do. If you’re considering MDF shutters, come into our showroom to see the samples side-by-side – you’ll be amazed how heavy and bendy MDF really is! Plus, our Standard Wood range is the same price range as MDF so it’s a no-brainer!

Vinyl shutters are not our cup of tea. They are a cheap option which had it’s place in rental properties but elsewhere they lack the quality and finesse compared to wood. If you would like a UK-made product with a shorter lead, we would recommend Faux Wood over Vinyl every time!

We also provide a UK-made, short lead time option with our Faux Wood range. It’s much more limited to just simple windows and there are some compromises with visible control rods, louvre sizes and rails to consider. But a good option if you can’t wait for wooden shutters.

We have large samples of all materials in our showroom to see, feel and operate. This really helps you to experience the differences and make the right choice for your home. Click here to book a showroom appointment