The measuring time will depend on the advice you need, the number of windows and the shape of them.

We can measure a simple window in 5-10mins. Bay windows or doors can take between 30mins to an hour to measure.

It’s hard to say with a shaped window, so it really depends on their size and complexity so could be anything between 10mins and 2 hours.

If you have watched our videos and received our shutter guide you should have a very good idea on the type of shutter you want, the design, colour and louvre sizes. So most of your questions should be answered, you should be clear on the pricing, payment and ordering before our visit. If not, please let us know.

I would allow a good 30mins to discuss and confirm the best design for your windows, we will need to confirm the price and provide a written quote detailing our your chosen design.

So as a guide I would allow 1-2 hours for most home surveys if your doing a whole house or have multiple bay windows, then allow 3 hours.