You can add a split within the tilting mechanism for more privacy options.

When the louvre controls are hidden within the shutter, we can split the tilting mechanism allowing the top and bottom louvres to be tilted independently. This is the modern way of providing this extra privacy without using a horizontal rail.
The actual split height is not as critical as the rail height, so it does not have to align exactly. The split point also moves as you tilt the louvres, so it’s not an exact fixed height.

You only really need a split if your window is close to a footpath and you are overlooked, in a bedroom or office window for privacy.

Where to use…

You get a lot more privacy with shutters than you might think, so here are a few examples of use.

In a bedroom, the idea of the split is to allow you to open up the top few louvre blades to let some light in the room or to look out and check out the weather and see what’s going on before you get up. Once you’re up and about and dressed, you would tilt the louvres so they all line-up.

In the Lounge, where you have foot traffic past your window and you want to be able to let light in but maintain full privacy from the lower half of the shutters or keep the sun off the TV.

Also in a home office if you’re on the ground floor and have a computer on show, to keep the sun out or neighbours walking by.

You don’t need to keep the top and bottom louvres tilted at different angles, shutters look best when all the louvres are aligned.

Keep it simple

Remember, every time you add a split in the louvres you are doubling the number of sections to tilt and keep aligned. So fast forward a few months or a year, once your shutters become part of the furniture, you won’t be so worried about tilting them ‘just so’. Tilting a single full height shutter is much easier and quicker to operate.


Adding a split will not affect the cost, you can add more than one split within your height and choose individual shutters to be split.

This option does need to be requested at the time of order, it’s built into the shutter construction so you can not add it at a later date.