Our most popular and recommended option, Elite wood, known as Fiji in the scraft range.

The shutter panel, louvres and frame are all hardwood. They are strong, lightweight and durable with a sprayed finish so they feel nice to the touch.

They are suitable for small and large windows, bays, doors and shapes. They have a wide range of outer frames that can be customised to fit almost any window.

Between all the shutters, Elite is the lightest and weigh in at 7 – 7.5kg per sqm.

They have a wide maximum panel width of 1047mm, if two shutters are hinged together, this reduces to 660mm.

The panel height before a rail is required is 1981mm. There are 23 colours and 27 stains available in the range.

Now not all wooden shutters are made in the same way, so here are some technical differences in a scraft wooden shutter.

It starts with decent wood, painted shutters use a premium hardwood and stained shutters are made from paulownia. Very stable and suitable for shutters, the wood is kiln-dried, specifically for use in the UK.

The louvre blades are quarter sawn not the plain sawn cheaper option. Quartersawn gives extra strength and stability because of the straight line graining. This is what allows single panels to be made up to 1047mm and 1219mm wide in the Elite Plus range.

The Elite shutters have proper mortise and tenon joints, this method creates a much stronger joint, cheaper shutters use dowel joints which are weaker and can shear. A mortise and tenon allow wider and taller shutters to be made and reduces warping.

One of the reasons we use the scraft brand is because of the quality of the shutter. They use reinforced engineered side stiles making the panels really strong and stable. If you look at a cross-section of the shutter they look like this, they make laminate beams in the same way so they are super strong and more importantly they stay straight.

They have an internal gear driven tilting system that links all the louvres together, providing tight slat closure, not the usual rear-mounted tilt bar that sticks out.

The magnets are recessed and embedded into each side stile, so you get a tighter closure to minimal light leakage. Cheaper magnets can be surface mounted or not as strong and the plastic housing can become brittle in the sunlight.

The Elite shutters have a 7 layer spray paint finish with a UV resistant coating so they don’t fade or yellow in the sunlight.

So if you’re looking for a good, high-quality shutter that ticks all the boxes, choose the Elite hardwood shutter. We love them and highly recommend them.