We are often asked, “Can you open and fold a shutter right back to the sides like curtains would be”

Well, the answer is no, shutters are fitted within their own 4 sided frames like a window is fitted in a window frame, Tposts are used in the shutter frame to match the window sections, so each shutter opens individually rather than being hinged together.

There would be too much weight for all the shutters to be hinged back to one side like curtains, and because of the different shutter widths, they wouldn’t hinge up probably or be able to be hinged around an angle.

Customers ask this question because they are used to folding their curtains back to the side to let the light in, but with a shutter, this action is done by tilting the louvres.

Bay windows normally have wide single windows so you would match the number of shutters to the window sections, large louvres look good around a bay and will allow plenty of light into the room, this is why you don’t need to worry about opening the shutters because you will get a lot more light in your room than you think, assuming you have a white shutter.

Also as most customers choose to have shutters for their looks and privacy they offer, if you fold them open, you get neither of these.