If your ordering shutters for a bedroom and you like it dark, you can upgrade to a blackout option, this combines a neat honeycomb-style blackout blind that slides down a channel built into the shutter frame.

A blackout blind will cut out most of the light that filters around the edges of the louvre blades providing almost total blackout.


To raise and lower the blind, open the shutters so you can access the cord. To release the blind, pull the cord at an angle to release the catch and gently lower the blind.

To pull the blind up, simply pull down on the cord, it has a stop-start option so you can leave the blind semi-closed to let extra air in during a hot night for example.

When the blind is fully up and the shutter is closed, the blind is hidden by the top rail of the shutter.

Stack height

If your window height is 1000mm, the stack height of the closed blind would be 60mm.

1500mm high windows would have a stack height of 75mm and for 2000mm high stack height of 90mm.


There are about 20 blind colours available, this particular one is Steel Grey 4101 to make it stand out from the shutter.

Blackout blinds are best used on windows, they can be ordered with bay windows, but remember the shutter frame is 85mm deep to allow for the blind thickness, so if you have angled sides on your bay, you will see this extra frame depth.

Whereas if you have a recess, you won’t notice this extra depth.

Size limitations

The maximum blind width is 2500mm, they must be ordered with your shutters, you can’t add them later.