If you like a good gadget then you might like the power motion remote control. Ideal for cinema rooms, high windows, or in your bedroom for lazy Sunday mornings.

Simply tilt the louvres with a touch of a button!

You can still tilt the louvres by hand or by rotating the dial on the remote.

There are several pre-set options, so you can click here to open all the louvres, here to close them all and customise the angle using the arrows or turning the dial.

You can control the louvres above a middle rail or split independently from the rest and download an app and link it to your home automation system, or program them to open at sunrise or close at sunset.

The batteries are rechargeable with a solar panel to optimise battery life.

They are child and pet safe and come with a built-in jam protector, so if you have clicked to close all the louvres and a child puts their hand in, the motor will disengage.

So power motion is a pretty cool upgrade, it’s priced per louvred section, so if you do choose a rail or split, it will double the cost per shutter.

For an estimate, just select the number of shutters you think you might need across your window.