How are shutters fitted on inward opening windows?

If your windows open inwards it’s not always possible to install the shutters inside the recess as the shutter frame will stop the window from opening.

In most cases, there’ll be a compromise, either to the shutter design or how the windows are used or accessed, the good news is that we do have some solutions.

We have a shutter frame designed to fit on the outside of the wall keeping the recess free of any frame.

When the shutter is closed, the window will only open until it hits the back of the shutter, so if you have a narrow recess you might not be able to open your window much, which could be an issue when it’s hot.

With the shutter wide open, you can open your window right up as it would open inside the shutter frame. However, this does defeat the object of having shutters and doesn’t always look great having both the shutter and window open.

When you tilt or open the window, it’s quite often the handle that will hit the shutter first, so we do have slimmer alternative low profile handles that can be used.

We have a slim range of frames that can often fit around the recess allowing the window to be opened within the shutter frame. This allows you to benefit from having the shutters fitted inside the recess which is a neater look. It could still mean the shutters would need to be opened if you want to leave the window open at night.

And finally, depending on how the window opens, in some cases, the shutter frame can be mounted to the window itself, as long as there is enough space for the thickness of the window and shutter to be hinged open within the recess.