How shutters can be fitted to Shaped windows?

Shutters can be angled, round or curved, so it’s possible to cover almost any shape with a shutter.

They are hinged within a frame and installed in the recess close to the window with a neat shadow gap all the way around the same as we would a normal square window.

Front of the recess

They can also be fitted at the front of the recess using a Z frame, this can be useful if the curve or shape is not that even and you need to cover the gap or if you have a shallow recess.

A Z frame fits half in and half out of your recess like a door architrave, the Z part of the frame overlaps your reces and would be curved or angled to suit your window.


If your window is divided with a vertical or horizontal mullion, you can have matching vertical and horizontal Tposts within the shutter frame. This would allow each shape to be opened individually.


They are opened like a normal window shutter, by just tilting the louvres and holding the side stile and pulling, they are mounted on hinges and have magnets holding them closed within the shutter frame.

You can open the shutters right up to gain access to the window for cleaning or to open a window, but they normally stay closed, so you just tilt the louvres to let the light in and out.

Angled shutters are limited to opening towards the highest side of the window otherwise they would hit the angled recess. As angled designs have a straight edge, the hidden control rod option is still available.

Round porthole windows are popular, with the option of fanned or horizontal louvres. Fanned louvres could be tilted individually with an option of a curved control rod. Horizontal louvres would need a centre control rod to link all the louvres together.

Curved openings would need templating in order to match the shape, how they open would depend on the shape, but they can be hinged downwards or mounted with magnets rather than hinges.


Shutters are normally the perfect answer if you have a shaped window, most blinds can’t be shaped and curtains can be bulky and spoil the look of the shape. As the shutters can be matched to the shape, they will keep the feature of the window.

To find out what’s possible, I would recommend booking up on a virtual survey for some advice or emailing us some clear photos of your shaped window.